20th International Dresden Lightweight Engineering Symposium

Juni 09 - 10, 2016

Integrated lightweight engineering as a driver for innovative mobility solutions in the digital age

Partner country – PR of China

The Dresden International Lightweight Engineering Symposium is an established platform for the transfer of cross-sector, cross-product knowledge and experience between science, industry, society and the political sphere. From its inception in 1997 to this anniversary year the symposium has followed the principles of the Dresden Model, which is now applied throughout all major industries and promotes “function-integrating lightweight engineering in multi-material design” and the inherent material and energy efficiency thereof.

Megatrends such as digitalization, sustainability, urbanization, connectivity and mobility call for innovative organizations with the ability to blaze a trail for novel materials, technologies and systems which cater to the changing needs of a world population set to rise to over 9 billion people by 2050. Integrated lightweight engineering is already an indispensable element of resource-efficient mobility and also has a crucial role to play in a variety of other fields. Its blend of intelligently networked high-end technology and mobility products puts integrated lightweight engineering in a position to tap into a sustainable source of growth, jobs, prosperity and social justice.

Their strategic partnerships in the fields of research, science, education and innovative high technology enable China and Germany to tackle global challenges. On the one hand China’s potential in terms of growth and innovation makes it Germany’s most important economic partner in Asia. On the other, Germany’s technological expertise makes it China’s most important European trading partner. The new Chinese Five-Year Plan targets sustainable development driven by an increasingly broad palette of innovative technologies and products – an approach which presents companies and research institutes in both countries with outstanding opportunities for cooperation and joint ventures.

It is against this backdrop that the 20th Dresden International Lightweight Engineering Symposium will focus on pioneering topics and projects in the fields of mobility and digitalization. Particular emphasis will be placed on the role our partner country China has to play. As a synergetic event for lightweight engineering specialists the symposium also aims to provide a forum for cutting-edge research and development activities as well as future-proof international business concepts. Partnership between equals offers one thing above all: Opportunities. It is therefore my pleasure to invite you to explore a host of those opportunities with us here in the city of Dresden – an open-minded, outward-looking centre for high technology and home to both a University of Excellence and a variety of top-class non-university institutions.


Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Prof. E.h. Dr. h.c. Werner A. Hufenbach

Programme 2016

09:00 Hufenbach, Werner, Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Prof. E.h. Dr. h.c.
Technische Universität Dresden,
Distinguished Senior Professor, Institute of Lightweight Engineering and Polymer Technology – ILK
Greeting and Introduction
09:20 Müller-Steinhagen, Hans, Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. DEng/Auckland Dr. h.c./Brno
Technische Universität Dresden
Welcome Address
09:30 Jaeckel, Fritz, Dr.
Free State of Saxony
State Minister and Head of the Staatskanzlei
Welcome Address
09:40 Shi, Mingde
PR of China
Chinese Ambassador to Germany
Welcome Address
09:50 Welcome Address from another Chinese Representative
10:00 Huber, Anton; Quendt, Bernhard, Dr.-Ing.
Chief Executive Officer
On the way to Industrie 4.0 – Driving the Digital Enterprise
10:30 Achatz, Reinhold, Dr.-Ing.
thyssenkrupp AG
Head of Corporate Function Technology, Innovation & Sustainability
Sustainable Innovation
11:00 Coffee break
11:30 Gutzmer, Peter, Prof. Dr., Hosenfeldt, Tim, Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Schaeffler Technologies AG & Co. KG
Deputy CEO and Chief Technology Officer
Light-weight Design for the Mobility of Tomorrow
12:00 Ding, San-san; Tian, Ai-qin; Wang, Jian-jun; Teng, Le-tian
CRRC Qingdao Sifang Co., Ltd., PR China
Research on Application of Carbon Fiber Composite to Chinese High-speed EMUs
12:30 Kienzle, Stefan, Dr.-Ing., Behr, Thomas, Dr
Daimler AG
Body of the future
13:00 Lunch break
Chaired by: Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Prof. E.h. Dr. h.c. Werner Hufenbach
14:00 Zhou, Rong
BAIC Group, PR of China
Vice President
The present situation and development goal of automotive lightweight in BAIC Group
14:30 Fries, Erich
Krauss Maffei Technologies GmbH
Krauss Maffei Composite Competence
15:00 Sczygiol, Wolfgang
Brose Fahrzeugteile GmbH & Co.KG
Vice President Business Development
Vehicle interiors for the future, challenges to a global supplier
15:30 Coffee break
Chaired by: Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Hubert Jäger
16:00 Ludanek, Harald, Dr.-Ing. Dr. h.c., Sommer, Karsten
Volkswagen AG
Head of Research and Development at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles
Challenges for the urban city- and distribution transportation – Solutions for leightweight construction and material
16:30 Tost, André; Ridzewski, Jens, Prof. Dr.-Ing.; Heinrich, Frank
IMA Materialforschung und Anwendungstechnik GmbH
Senior Principal Engineer
Development of a New Test Method for Fatigue Testing of Unidirectional Composites
17:00 Quauck*, Daniel; Ölschlegel*, Alexander, Dipl.-Ing. (FH); Storck+, Markus; Krahl#, Michael, Dr.-Ing.; Modler#, Niels, Prof. Dr.-Ing.
+Storck Bicycle GmbH
#Technische Universität Dresden – ILK
The automated manufacturing of thermoplastic-based e-bike frames
17:30 Awarding of the Lightweight Engineering Graduate Prize by Akademischer Club Leichtbau an der TU Dresden e.V. (ACL)
19:30 Evening Event auf at Albrechtsberg Palace
Accompanying specialist exhibition in the Wandelhalle at the German Hygiene-Museum
09:00 Lu*, Hao; Zhao+, Xinyu
*CRRC Qingdao Sifang Co., Ltd., PR of China
+Dalian Jiaotong University, School of Materials Science and Engineering, PR of China
Ultrasonic beam model and automatic inspection on composite materials
09:30 Heuer*,+, H., Prof. Dr.-Ing.; Schulze*, M.; Pooch*, M.; Gäbler*, S.
* Fraunhofer-Institute for Ceramic Technology and Systems, Material Diagnostic, Dresden
+Technische Universität Dresden, Institute of Electronic Packaging Technology, Sensor Systems for Non-Destructive Testing, Dresden
Process Monitoring for Carbon Fiber Fabrics, Preforms and Consolidated CFRPs by HF Eddy Current Imaging Techniques
10:00 Bi, Hongyun
Baosteel Group, Shanghai, PR of China
Development of low-cost high strength stainless steel for the frame of new energy bus
10:30 Coffee break
Chaired by: Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Maik Gude
11:00 Sonnen*, M.; Otremba*, F.; Berner+, M., Dr.-Ing.; Freund+, A., Dr.-Ing.; Gärtner+, R.; Just#, G.; Koch#, I., Dr.-Ing.; Gude#, M., Prof. Dr.-Ing.
*Stornetic GmbH
+ LZS GmbH
# TU Dresden – ILK
EnWheel® – Ensuring stability of energy supply with the aid of integrated lightweight engineering
11:30 Heßler, Uwe, Dr.-Ing.
Rolls-Royce Deutschland Ltd & Co KG
Propulsion systems for a changing world- response of an aero engine manufacturer to expected mobility growth
12:00 Kopp, Jochen, Dr.
Vice President Planning, Technology Development, Purchasing CFRP
CFRP serial production in automotive industry – experiences and future challenges
12:30 Mittagspause
13:30 Jäger, Hubert, Prof. Dr. rer. nat.
Technische Universität Dresden – ILK
Speaker of the Management Board
Carbon Fibers … solution providers for next generation materials
13:40 Stange, Eva-Maria, Dr.
Saxon State Ministry for Higher Education, Research and the Arts
Welcome Address
13:50 Hauke, Tilo, Dr.
SGL Carbon GmbH
Leiter Konzerforschung / Head of Technology & Innovation
Welcome Address
14:00 Ceremonial opening of the Research Center Carbon Fibers Saxony, including the inauguration of the new carbon fiber production plant
14:05 Hund, Rolf-Dieter, Dr. rer. nat.; Kirsten, Martin, Dr. rer. nat.; Cherif, Chokri, Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil.
Technische Universität Dresden, Institute of Textile Machinery and High Performance Material Technology
Tailored carbon fibres – R&D in Saxony
14:30 Ferkel, Hans, Prof. Dr.-Ing.; Hilfrich, Erik
thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG
Leader Technology and Innovation
Innovative Materials for lightweight construction
15:00 Coffee break
Chaired by: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Niels Modler
15:30 Weitzel, Stephan P.
EJOT GmbH & Co. KG
CEO, Vice President
Selfpiercing Fasteners for Multi- Material-Design in Lightweight Designs
16:00 Deng, Xiaojun, Gai, Kejing, Wang, Wanjing
CRRC Qingdao Sifang Co., Ltd., PR of China
Research on Composite Carbody Structure Technology for the Next Generation Metro Vehicles
16:30 Busch, Arne; Brandt, Robert, Prof. Dr.
University of Siegen
Analysis of a mechanically stressed joint in a multi-material-system
17:00 Kuhn*, Christoph, M.Sc.; Kucinski*, William; Täger*, Olaf, Dr.; Osswald+, Tim A., Prof.
*Volkswagen AG
+University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
Fiber Reinforced Plastics in Lightweight Design – Technological Challenges due to Fiber Matrix Separation
17:30 Hufenbach, Werner, Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Prof. E.h. Dr. h.c.
Closing Address
18:00 Dresden’s Researchers night

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Die lebendige Atmosphäre eines europaweit bekannten Museums und die vielfältigen Raumangebote eines Architekturdenkmals der Klassischen Moderne bieten eine unverwechselbare Location für das 21. Internationale Dresdner Leichtbausymposium 2017. Die zentrale und doch ruhige Lage zwischen der Altstadt mit Frauenkirche, Zwinger und Semperoper und dem Großen Garten, der zentralen Parkanlage Dresdens, machen das Deutsche Hygiene-Museum zu einem ganz besonderen Ort. Die Gründung des Deutschen Hygiene-Museums (1912) geht zurück auf eine Initiative des Dresdner Industriellen und Odol-Fabrikanten Karl August Lingner (1861-1916). Lingner hatte 1911 zu den Protagonisten der I. Internationalen Hygiene-Ausstellung gehört, zu der über fünf Millionen Besucher nach Dresden gekommen waren.