13.06. – 14.06.2024

27th International Dresden Lightweight Engineering Symposium


Titelfoto: Sylvio Dittrich

Neutral Lightweight Engineering - Resilience through Technology Sovereignty

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Germany is a strong economic nation. We research, develop and produce far ahead in many areas, setting new standards every day. However, it is also true that new players are entering markets every day that were previously considered secure, thus challenging the self-image not only of European industrialised nations. We are faced with the growing challenge of renewing ourselves technologically ever faster on the one hand and overcoming excessive dependencies on the other. At the same time, we need reliable and strong partners at eye level who share both common interests and a common vision for the future in our multilateral world.

As the world’s most populous country, the resilient economic engine of an entire hemisphere and a sovereign counterweight to the ambitions of China and the USA, India is particularly suited to this cooperation in every respect. Our history impressively demonstrates that acting in partnership as equals is always to our mutual and long-term advantage. Against this background, it has always been the clearly formulated goal of the International Dresden Lightweight Symposium to bring together different points of view in one place at one time and thus promote international and interdisciplinary exchange. This year, the intercultural exchange will be enriched by a cultural programme organised by the Indian Association Dresden e.V. (IAD), which offers participants the opportunity to experience the rich Indian culture and tradition at first hand.

Lightweight engineering is a key global technology that brings together a large number of specialised disciplines along the entire value chain. According to the Dresden Model, neutral lightweight engineering is already having its greatest impact today in the creation of closed material and technology cycles and is therefore a leap technology for the circular economy of the future. This year, we want to discuss whether and how this can be realised in Europe, but also in India, together with more than 350 European and Indian partners and guests.

Take the opportunity to take part in this lively exchange between high-calibre representatives from science and industry as well as politics and society at the 27th International Dresden Lightweight Engineering Symposium. Be there when the international pioneers of lightweight engineering meet again in Dresden to use the conference with its nine sessions along the development chain as a forum for trend-setting research and development activities.




MESSE DRESDEN | Messering 7 | 01067 Dresden | Germany

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